VIDEO: Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay ‘Word’ Fights Dirty in A Saloon

“Your Yansh Is The Dirtiest In This Industry” – Tiwa Savage hits at Seyi Shay

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay, two Nigerian singers, were embroiled in a brawl in a prominent Lagos salon.

The singers were filmed in a violent disagreement and kept from getting violent by individuals in the salon, according to a video that appeared online on June 8th, 2021.

Seyi Shay approached Tiwa Savage in the salon to say hello, but her gesture was not well received by Tiwa.

Seyi Shay didn’t have the right to approach Tiwa Savage to say hello since she had previously dissed her with Kenyan artist Victoria Kimani, according to Tiwa Savage.

“Don’t come to me and think you can say hi, with the dirty and disgusting spirit that you have,” Tiwa said after first ignoring her coworker.

‘You think I have forgotten how many years ago you and Victoria Kamani (Kenyan singer) did. Do you think I have forgotten? You think I can forget?” she continued

Seyi Shay, on the other hand, advised her to double-check her facts before accusing her of any crime.

She also stated that she will not make the topic public. “I’m not petty.”

“I don’t want to say anything, I’m not going to respond to this, I don’t want to disgrace you or embarrass you,” Tiwa continued. ‘You are wrong, I don’t think you
guys can do what you did

Tiwa also demanded that her colleague ‘open’ the affair in front of the public, while swearing to her son that she had no ill will toward her and Victoria Kimani.

Tiwa underlined that if you have an ‘issue‘ with someone, ‘you don’t try to squash it by saying hi, you try to squash it by calling me on the phone to talk about it.’

“You and Kamani made a “whole song” and went on interviews to say “shits” about me, yet I didn’t respond, ” said Ms. Savage.
The couple yelled unprintable obscenities at each other, and it took the intervention of the salon owner, who was holding Ms. Savage, to avert a brawl.
The discord between the two artists most likely began in 2015, when Seyi Shay was announced as a Pepsi ambassador while Tiwa was still a Pepsi ambassador.

Tiwa was questioned in a radio broadcast at the time about her feelings regarding Seyi Shay joining the brand.

“You are so…ugh… having an interview with this girl is crazy. See I knew you were going to drop this in anyways, everybody has

Tiwa’s response did not go down well with Seyi Shay who reacted in a
now-deleted post saying,

“Go listen to the audio, it hurts.”

Explaining her reason for deleting the post, she said

“people are now talking about things and people that have nothing to do with me. In reality, I don’t care. I live my life; mind my business and I am having fun with it. People should not be so concerned with the issues in this

Seyi eventually restarts their long-running feud by recording a diss track against Tiwa two years later. Her rendition of KizzDaniel’s #FvckYouChallenge had her calling her coworker various abusive names, among other things.

She also accused her of ‘selling pussy‘ and of taking her songs without giving her credit. For that, Seyi Shay earned the wrath of Tiwa’s supporters.

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