Young Lady Earns Ph.D at 25-Years Old, Joins Few Black Women in US With Doctoral Degree.

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A young and exceptional young lady identified as Alesha Hammond has successfully earned her Doctorate Degree (P.H.D) at the young age of 25 from the prestigious University of Lynchburg in the United States.


  • Alesha Hammond has earned her doctorate degree at the age of 25.
  • She joined 3.1% of the black women in US with Doctoral Degree.
  • The brilliant lady thanked God for allowing her to live and achieved her childhood dream.


The latest doctorate degree holder in the town, Alesha has joined the 3.1% of the black women in the United States with the doctoral degree after she successfully bags a PhD degree at the University.

Alesha Hammond has become a Doctor of Health Administration, Health Leadership from University of Lynchburg at the age of 25,  after having an exceptional academic performance during her bachelor’s and master’s degree at different Universities in the United States.

The brilliant lady, Alesha has earned a bachelor’s science degree in Public Health at East Carolina University, United States and afterward she proceeded to West Coast University in Irvine, California, United States where she earned her master’s degree.

While celebrating her exceptional academic success, Alesha thanked God for allowing her to live and achieving her childhood dream of having a doctorate degree at the United States University.

Many people on social media has congratulate Alesha Hammond on her exceptional academic success which she achieved at her young age. See some of the comments below;

Earlene Colvin commented on her exceptional academic achievement : [quotation]I just love your  determation at  such a young age this a great accomplishment  to make.[/quotation]

Patsy Persaud commented on her unique academic success by saying : [quotation]Congratulations young lady keep up the good work. [/quotation]

Rosemary Palmer congratulate Alesha Hammond : [quotation] Congratulations ? ? ? too you I don’t know you but I’m very proud of you. [/quotation]

Karen D. Wrote : [quotation]I just sent your post to my 16 year old daughter. She has plans to have doctorate at 25. She feels super motivated knowing her goals are possible and obtainable. Thank you for the inspiration[/quotation]

Heather McGrath wrote: [quotation]Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!!!!! Wow!!! ??????Your an inspiration to so many young men and women! . [/quotation]

Tim Huffman added: [quotation]Congrats Alesha! What an achievement and we need great people in the Healthcare field!  Very proud of you. [/quotation]


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